Expansions As Far As The Eye Can See

Hey, guys, ZBooty here.  I just wanted to give everyone the great news that we have decided to open up a new location downtown that’s a little more accessible for you college kids that don’t want to push your bike to our Brooks st. location. Please, hold your applause, I haven’t even given you the address yet!  Bicycle Hangar 2 or Hangar Downtown is located at 140 N. Higgins where you will also find the MSO Hub.

Here’s a picture of the outside of the new shop, Main st. side:

Bike Hangar


So, come on down if you feel like braving the weather and checking out some new bicycles.  I promise it’s warmer in here than it is outside and more likely than not, we’ll have a funny joke to tell you if you’d like to hear one.

Peace, Love, Bicycles,

ZBooty out

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