First Friday is back and we’re open on Sundays!

Did a long cold winter without art or free beverages at our Downtown Store have have you feeling a little bleak?  Well, we’re kicking off spring (so what if it’s still snowing this week) by starting back up our infamous First Friday events.  This Friday, Mar. 3rd, we are hosting artwork provided by some talented folks in the local Opportunity Resources program.  If you haven’t heard of them, it’s worth checking out some of the cool programs they run.

Also, if you’ve been bummed that you can’t stop in on Sundays to hang out with us, pick up any supplies, or get your bike tuned up before the spring rush, we are back to our in-season schedule of being open 7 days a week.  So stop by either location any day for sales, service, hi-fives, low-fives, or even hugs if you need ’em.

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